identityfail (identityfail) wrote in femme_ftm,

dress clothes?

hey y'all,
especially those of you who are pre-everything and/or don't really pass,
quick question.

what do you wear in situations that require dressing up? like ... dress pants, button downs, ties, right?

except that always ends up looking waaaay butch/dykey on me, and that is so not a look i am going for at all.

which makes me kind of unhappy.

right? like in real life i wear red skinny jeans and sparkly shoes and colorful sweaters and rainbows and shit. how do i transfer that to a more formal setting?

help? this summer i have a govt internship in dc and i have no idea what to wearrrr. also i have a thing this monday. eep!

thanks for your help!

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