Jarek (jarek_star) wrote in femme_ftm,

Fabulous Clothing!

Hello my fellow fabulous femme, fem, effdminate, dandy, and otherwise fantastic fellows!

I am a transgenderqueer femme guy, I hope to go on T one day but am going to have to wait. For now, I do what I can. Soon I will have a binder! And I am trying to change my wardrobe.

My main issue is I HATE HATE HATE most of the men's section. So boring! So drab! Some of the t-shirts can be nice, and binder or otherwise I will grab close-fitting ones. But I require more professional clothing for work, so t-shirts are right out!

Am I forever doomed to purchase my tops from the section marked 'ladies?' Not that I have a HUGE problem with that, I will do what I must, buuut... isn't there anywhere I can get effeminate, feminine tops and shirts from a men's section or store? That I can wear to work? So tired of my choices being... collared shirt, collared shirt, collared shirt...

I love alternative style clothes, but my city is seriously lacking in goth shops for example. I try thrift stores and hit the same issue, rows upon rows of tshirts, sweaters, and collared shirts all with the same cookie-cutter plan. :(

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