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Can I Use my Self-Identifying Name When Getting Help from Disabled Resource Center?

I've been trying to contact the Dayle Mc Intosh Disabled Resource Center in Garden Grove CA to help me move out of my mom's new home (we're moving this weekend) and into a home of my own. I used my self-identifying name Mel (it is a shortened of my female birth/legal name, I can't legally change my name to Mel yet) but I'm concerned about not being able to get help from them, is there a way I can use the name Mel (even if when it's just addressing me) and still get help moving out of mom's home and get an advocate/payee?
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I don't see how it would be a problem if Mel is an obviously shortened version of your current legal name.

My doctors all had/have me on file as both Katherine and Kate, and so does my bank, because a lot of my paperwork has the nickname on it instead. No one's ever really cared since it's obviously still me, it's not like my ID says Rachel and I'm trying to get Kate on things.