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Misgendered as "Ma'am"

Did you see this "I am Cait" episode over the summer? In "What's in a Name" an FTM who hasn't legally changed his name to Ethan (I have a nephew named Ethan :)) spoke of his being misgendered by cops when his gender identity didn't match his id/driver's license.

Below is an excerpt of the transcript:

Ethan: When I interact with the police, they're... they're pretty cool to me all the way up until they ask me my legal name, 'cause I haven't gotten that changed yet. And then, all of a sudden, they just keep calling me "ma'am." Like, "Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, miss, ma'am." Like, do I look like a ma'am? And then I get all those messed-up questions. Like, you don't need to know what... what I have underneath my clothes.
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Can I Use my Self-Identifying Name When Getting Help from Disabled Resource Center?

I've been trying to contact the Dayle Mc Intosh Disabled Resource Center in Garden Grove CA to help me move out of my mom's new home (we're moving this weekend) and into a home of my own. I used my self-identifying name Mel (it is a shortened of my female birth/legal name, I can't legally change my name to Mel yet) but I'm concerned about not being able to get help from them, is there a way I can use the name Mel (even if when it's just addressing me) and still get help moving out of mom's home and get an advocate/payee?
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Passing in the Shower While Lowes Workers Works

Tomorrow some workers from Lowes are going to install a new heating/air conditioning system in our attic and I'm concerned about passing while getting into the shower(the access to the attic is between my room and the bathroom). I recycle cans for money and I can't wait until very late to shower let alone until the next day because I would be extremely dirty and smelly when I return home going to the dinner table in that condition is uncomfortable and the place would smell like me!.

What can I say and/or do to them to get them to not to look while I'm getting into the shower (Wearing a towel won't cut it, I'd have to cover both top and bottom , and a it's too late to get a bathrobe)?
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acne issues

I am going to make this brief! I was having horrible acne until I tried a product that has made my skin better than ever. In fact, I liked it so much that I am now an Independant Sales Rep for the company. If you are having acne issues email me @ ajniebuhr@yahoo.com with the subject line being "ftm acne" and I will hook you up with a 10% discount and recommendations.

Just trying to help my fellow brothers out :)

Fabulous Clothing!

Hello my fellow fabulous femme, fem, effdminate, dandy, and otherwise fantastic fellows!

I am a transgenderqueer femme guy, I hope to go on T one day but am going to have to wait. For now, I do what I can. Soon I will have a binder! And I am trying to change my wardrobe.

My main issue is I HATE HATE HATE most of the men's section. So boring! So drab! Some of the t-shirts can be nice, and binder or otherwise I will grab close-fitting ones. But I require more professional clothing for work, so t-shirts are right out!

Am I forever doomed to purchase my tops from the section marked 'ladies?' Not that I have a HUGE problem with that, I will do what I must, buuut... isn't there anywhere I can get effeminate, feminine tops and shirts from a men's section or store? That I can wear to work? So tired of my choices being... collared shirt, collared shirt, collared shirt...

I love alternative style clothes, but my city is seriously lacking in goth shops for example. I try thrift stores and hit the same issue, rows upon rows of tshirts, sweaters, and collared shirts all with the same cookie-cutter plan. :(



heyo, friendos. it doesn't look like this community is super active anymore but, on the off chance someone comes snooping around, I thought I'd say hello anyway. I'm maxwell. seventeen and pre-everything, very selectively out to the people in my life. if anyone's game to give/get support or just chat, don't hesitate to drop a line or two.
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Seeking Partners of FTMs to Participate in Study


I am a graduate student in Sociology at UC, Santa Barbara. I am looking for partners of transgender people who meet the following criteria to participate in an interview study: 

*Your partner identifies as female-to-male, or on a feminine-to-masculine spectrum

*Your partner is currently undergoing gender transition, or made transition during the course of your relationship

If you would like to participate, or to ask any questions first, please contact me at k_bishop@umail.ucsb.edu.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Katelynn Bishop

me and emes


Ahh gosh, I'm a little bit nervous about this, first time talking to others who understand my situation.

Well, it's nice to meet you, I'm 19 and I'm an English lass myself, and I'm also not sure what I am, genderqueer, FtM..it's all rather complicated to me. So I'll just be blunt, though I'm physically female I'm mentally male, albeit effeminate. Also I'm a lesbian myself, or rather straight, I'm not sure about my pronouns yet! Ah yes, that's me in my icon, the dark haired one and my very supportive BFF. It's not very flattering I admit.

Text Wall hereCollapse )

Ahhh I'm terrible at introductions! I'm really sorry this all just came out but for the first time talking with other people who can actually relate, I'm excited and very nervous.
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