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femme_ftm's Journal

Femme FTM
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This community is moderated by dietcokeboy, and any comments or questions may be sent his way (email address listed above). This is a trans and queer-friendly safe space.

Myth: all FTM guys were and/or are butch.


This community is for femme-identified female-to-male transgendered or transsexual people, as well as female-bodied genderqueer people, and SOFFAs. Of course, androgynous guys and butches are always welcome, too. There are lots of different definitions of what it means to be "femme," especially in the FTM community, and all are welcome here.

If you're not sure what to post about as an introduction, just tell us about yourself, and what being "femme" means to you and/or your SOFFA, and how it does (or doesn't) fit into being FTM, as you see it. Pics and longer entries are always welcome, but please use an lj-cut.

What is "FTM"? A good glossary of terms or this one.
For a more personal perspective.

What is "femme"? Butch-femme.com or Butch-femme.net and, of course, StoneFemme.com. And yet more resources. from a stonebutch transguy, nonetheless.